Click on the headstone

Select Headstone

Click on the headstone image to see the full catalogue of headstone shapes and when you have made your choice select the relevent name from the drop down menu. "Andrews" is the default setting


Select memorial size

Select memorial size

If other size please supply

From the drop down menu select the overall height of the memorial you wish to see previewed in printout. All memorial shapes come in many sizes, if the size you wish is not in selection type in your custom size.


Select Stone colours

Select Colour

Click on the grey colour swatch image which will take you to the colour chart page, where you can choose the type of stone and colour finish for the memorial. When you have the name of the stone you like, select it from the drop down menu. "Bahama Blue" is the default setting.


Choose the letterstyle

Select Heading

Select Main

Select Verse

Headstone inscriptions are usually split into three sections. The HEADING TEXT, MAIN BODY TEXT and FOOTNOTE VERSE. Each section of text can be created using any of the letterstyles listed on the right hand side. Choose a letterstyle for each section and select the appropriate names from the drop down menus. If your inscription has only main body text then select none for both HEADING and VERSE.


Type the full inscription

Type full inscription

Type all the words including headings and verses that will go on the memorial. Layout is not essential at this point so it is not neccessary to justify the text in any way. That will be done as part of the FREE layout and design service. Click on the VERSES link below the box to view a selection of stock verses you can use or take ideas from.


Choose a Motif

Select motif

You may want to add a motif from our extensive stock image gallery. Click on the doves to browse the catalogue. Take a note of the motif name and select it in the dropdown menu. If you do not choose a motif, leave the field as default. i.e.None


Choose vase hole position

Choose vasehole position

Vase holes can be cut into the base plynth to create a place for flowers. This can go at either side, in the centre or at both sides. If you choose to have no vase hole, leave the field as default. i.e.None


Additional Information

Please supply any additional information

Please add any information to the additional information box that you feel will help us to meet your requirements For example..

"All text to be sky blue."

" Require motif of fiddle not in gallery"


Contact information

Type your name e-mail address and a contact numner in the field indicated to allow us to send you your FREE COMPUTER PRINTOUT AND QUOTATION


Click to confirm details

Printout & Quotation :-Your free printout and quotation will arrive via email. Please allow 48 hours for your request to be processed.

Finally double check that all of the information you have given is correct. Then.... and only then should you press the "Click here...." button to confirm your details.