In the pages that follow we will try and help you choose an everlasting tribute to your loved one. There are many decisions to be made before your chosen memorial will go into production. We aim to help you make the right choice as simply as possible. You will choose the size, shape, material, inscription, ornamentation and provision for flowers, then we can produce a computerised image of the final design for you to approve.

All burial authorities have rules and regulations, many of them have strict height restrictions, they differ from one church/cemetery to another. There are too many to include on this website however, we will advise you on local regulations specific to you before any quote is processed and when the memorial is ordered we will submit a full memorial application to the relevant local authorities on your behalf.

Memorials can be manufactured to any size (within the regulations) but for quotation purposes we have shown the 4 standard lawn memorial sizes for your perusal, we have also shown a collection of tablet sizes, vases and kerbed memorials.

Lawn Memorials


Includes: Inscriptions of up to 150 letters, concrete foundation, ground anchor system, up to 2 flower container holes in base, standard sandblast designs, fixing of headstone.

Kerbed Memorials


Includes: Inscriptions of up to 150 letters, standard sandblast designs, foundation, up to 2 flower container holes in base and metal flower containers, 2 bags of decorative white chippings and all fixings.

Flat Tablet Memorial


Desk Tablet Memorials


Vase Memorials


Includes: Flower container hole, inscription (£2.50 per letter) and standard sandblast design.


These are some of the more popular shaped headstones. There are many more (See Memorial Gallery) or we can manufacture to the clients own design.


Granite Colours

Granite is a natural material so each peace varies in colour and appearance. We feel that this adds to the uniqueness of each memorial as no two stones are ever identical. Below is a selection of our most popular polished granites.

Natural Unpolished Stone Range

All our memorials can be made in any of the materials below. Contact us for further details on availability and price.

Having chosen your memorial size, shape and colour. Please continue to our Inscriptions page or our Designs page.